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At Last! You Can Master The Art Of Ventriloquism, Amaze Your Friends and Wow Any Audience Without Resorting To Hours Of Wasted Practice Struggling With The Hardest Words And Making Your Puppets Come To Life

Long Lost Manuscript Resurfaces With The Secrets
To Easily Mastering The Art Of Ventriloquism

Dear Budding Ventriloquist

Lets face it, mastering the art of ventriloquism is tough!

There's no doubt, it's probably the most difficult skill for any entertainer to learn and master, in fact ventriloquism is the only subject you can't fake. (And if you do you're soon found out and ridiculed by your audience!)

Of course, some people will tell you, you can do fine without an understanding of the core influence of ventriloquism. WRONG! Just take a look at the results of these people as they try it, their performances speak for themselves.

In fact, in most cases they only talk about what they can do and never prove that they can.

I bet you've researched and practiced the art of ventriloquism for many hours, bought countless modern books on the subject and followed every bit of advice that you could...only to find that they left you feeling lost or didn't give you the full facts leaving you frustrated?

Sound at all familiar?

If that's you let me tell you "It's not your fault" and there is a way for you to master the art of ventriloquism... the exact same way that the original masters of the art did.

The old masters such as Fred Russell a 19th centaury entertainer who many consider to be the Father of modern ventriloquism and past masters such as James Burns, Nicholas Mari Vattermore and Richard Potter who all studied the ancient manuscripts that enabled them to become world famous ventriloquists of their time.

They all studied under their own masters with texts and books that helped them understand the inner core of the art, books that until recently were thought lost...

Here's the good news!

Recently, an original long lost manuscript resurfaced having been discovered in an ancient bookshop in the back waters of the southern states.

A great new resource

This book has been revived through a careful and painstaking process including digital scanning for the modern age and is a resource that many of the modern practitioners of ventriloquism use to perfect their skills.

The Right (And Wrong Way) To Learn The Skill Of Ventriloquism

This newly released work called Ventriloquist Secrets Revealed is the quickest and easiest way to learn the forgotten art of ventriloquism. Inside this magnificent work you'll get absolutely everything you need to become a master ventriloquist.

The work is divided up into four comprehensive sections.


In this section you will discover...

reasons to invest in this resourceVoice production and how to use it to your full benefits

reasons to invest in this resourceAn explanation as to the art of ventriloquism and how to master it

reasons to invest in this resource'Near' Ventriloquism and the use of puppets and dummies without movement of the lips or facial muscles

reasons to invest in this resourceCaricature voices and how to use them for maximum impact

reasons to invest in this resourceThe construction of figures and how to create them for yourself if you wish; this from a time gone by and forgotten techniques

reasons to invest in this resourceUsing puppets to entertain and how they came about


This section covers...

reasons to invest in this resourceThe Ventriloquial drone and the ability to produce the illusion of throwing your voice without ANY movement of the facial muscles and into any direction

reasons to invest in this resourceThe various possibilities of throwing your voice and the exact six points you MUST know to master this technique

reasons to invest in this resourceSimple exercises for you to practice your new skills

reasons to invest in this resourceHow to create the illusion of your voice coming from a closed trunk, case or closet using simple techniques and easy exercises for you to follow.

reasons to invest in this resourceOnce the basics are mastered you'll uncover the secrets to the 'other' voices the ventriloquist uses including:

reasons to invest in this resourcethe roof top voice
reasons to invest in this resourcethe imaginary colleague or friend
reasons to invest in this resourcea three way conversation

reasons to invest in this resourceAnd one of the biggest illusions of the master to bring the man on the roof down AND maintain the illusion (you'll be surprised at how you can do this).

Plus, how to master approaching voices and voices that are moving away from you.

This section also reveals how you can use your new techniques to entertain an audience or simply to create the illusion for yourself.


Polyphonism in its entertainment sense, is the imitation of sounds other than speech, such as the humming of bees, the bleating of sheep, the lowing of cattle, the braying of a donkey, or the noise made by planing, sawing, the drawing of a glass of soda, etc., many of which cannot be made ventriloquially, and so form no deception as to the source from which they come from.

Discover how to add the following sounds to your ventriloquist skills and amaze the people who watch you...sounds such as:

reasons to invest in this resourceA bee
reasons to invest in this resourceMosquito
reasons to invest in this resourceBluebottle fly
reasons to invest in this resourceDuck
reasons to invest in this resourceParrot
reasons to invest in this resourceCat
reasons to invest in this resourceDonkey
reasons to invest in this resourceCircular saw
reasons to invest in this resourceWood saw
reasons to invest in this resourceWater boiling
reasons to invest in this resourceWind rushing

And many, many more!


This section contains a comprehensive list of dialogues you can use to practice your skills or even take and use in a show of your own.

Included are reference points and suggestions as to when and where to use the dialogue for maximum effect.

As you can see this really is the ultimate tutorial for ventriloquists alike but until now it was nearly lost forever.

Even if you're someone who is always looking for the next big thing in ventriloquism I urge you not to dismiss this long forgotten information as it contains techniques, tips and ideas from the old master ventriloquists that most people haven't heard of today.

Just imagine being able to perform as a ventriloquist with unique techniques to you at anytime, any place and anywhere with skills that other ventriloquist long for.

Listen To What People Have To Say About
The Original Creator Of This Work.

Fantastic Resource!

"Fantastic resource full of ideas that I've never come across before and are certain to cause a stir in the ventriloquist world"

Neil William, Lancs

Okay - So What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

Frankly, I thought long and hard about delivering this exclusive information only as part of a high priced course including DVDs, CDs and manuals where it would be priced in the region of at least $297 to $497. But instead of going to all the trouble of creating the course, filming the footage, having it edited, taking a lot of time out of my schedule - I settled on creating a digital product that you can download to your computer immediately as a perfect and convenient way to deliver this information (for you and me).

That's why the entire Ventriloquist Secrets Revealed is only $27... (and if you've never downloaded anything from the Internet before it's a simple thing to do, works for both PC & MAC computers and you still get all the bonuses listed below).

Special Bonus For Your Quick Action

Needless to say, this information is jam packed with the jealously guarded secrets to ventriloquism. Truth is, you'll never find this in-depth information in any normal manual or ventriloquist course. But even with that said, just to sweeten the pot a bit I'm also going to hand you a special bonus to reward you for taking action immediately.

Bonus - Special Updates For 18 Months

If during my research into ventriloquism I find more information that can help you I'll send you these updates free of charge. Value $27

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There you have it - you couldn't ask for a better deal, unless I throw in my...

100% "Better-Than-Risk-Free" Money Back Guarantee

Listen, if you don't agree this is the most impactful, eye-opening and practical information you've ever received on the subject of Ventriloquism simply email me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot. No hard feelings and no questions asked. In fact, I'll extend this guarantee for an entire 60 days after you get everything.

Money back guarantee

That's right, 60 days to use and benefit from this unique information or else ask (and receive) an immediate refund.

Fair enough?

I urge you to take action right now and grab this material on ventriloquism. Trust me, you won't want to miss out this one. Grab your copy now by clicking here for our safe and secure order form.

invest in this resource today

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.



Eddie Hope- Publisher - Ventriloquist Secrets Revealed

PS You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to discover the lost skills of ventriloquism without struggling with poor or sub standard information...let the old Masters of Ventriloquism show you their secrets to mastering this ancient art of ventriloquism.

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